HP Envy 5660 Multi-Function Printer Features and Setup Guidelines

Envy 5660 Multi-Function Printer

The Envy 5660 from HP is a multi-function printer that efficiently performs everyday activities such as print, scan and copy. To assist in these functions, the device is equipped with an auto-duplexer for two-sided printing and a LAN port for wired network connections. Moreover, it also facilitates wireless connectivity through the AirPrint, ePrint or Mopria apps. So, why don’t we have a more detailed analysis of this all in one printing machine before you set it up using 123.hp.com-envy5660 setup?

123.hp.com-envy5660 setup

123.hp.com-envy5660 setup

Notable features of this Envy printer from HP

Like most Envy printers available in this series, this device too can perform the usual print, scan and copy like we mentioned earlier. In addition to these regular functions, you can directly access the internet with this printer. The printer is commonly used for printing the following;

  • Coloring books or sheets by children
  • Menu planner by home makers
  • Crossword puzzles by enthusiasts

Besides, the device is lightweight (approximately 15 pounds) and therefore easy to carry around within your house.


This printing machine can be connected to any device such as a computer, laptop, Mac or even mobile devices and tablets. You must however install and setup the printer for these devices beforehand. In case you are using a wireless app such as AirPrint or Cloud print, all you need is the app and a network connection. In addition to all these connection methods, you can also connect using the Wi Fi Direct technology supported on

  • Android devices
  • iOS devices
  • Windows devices
  • Google devices
  • Kindle devices

A USB connection facilitates a connection only with a single device; wireless connections are best when multiple resources utilize the same printer.


Since the device is meant for home users and small office users, it has a light duty cycle. Meaning, it can handle only 125 sheets at a single point in time. Otherwise, the printer is very economical and uses the cartridges wisely. For two sided printing, the machine makes use of the auto-duplexer reducing power consumption and turn-around time. This duplexer is however functional only for printing and definitely not for scanning. The additional 15-sheet photo tray helps organize photo printing for users.

Setting up the printer(123.hp.com-envy5660 setup)

This 123.hp.com-envy5660 setup involves the following process steps which are specific to this printer model.  Since it is compact and light weight, it can literally be set up even in the smallest of places.

  • Setup the device using wired or wireless connections
  • Use a USB cable or a Wi Fi router for the same
  • Make use of the installation CD for completing setup
  • Otherwise, install necessary apps from HP that facilitate the installation
  • Perform driver and software downloads; consider model and OS version before doing so
  • Check compatibility of drivers before performing the corresponding functions

If you do not find success in the setup process, then kindly use our assistance available at our toll-free number +1-866-270-3810.

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DATE: Jul 30, 2018
AUTHOR: Tania Brejo
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