Get the HP Printer Assistance for HP Printer Setup and Troubleshooting Issues –

HP Printer Setup and Installation –

HP Printer, more often, come with standard procedures that require little maneuvering. Users can refer to the manual for instructional diagrams and to install the driver, just use the CD accompanying the printer.

HP Printer Setup -

Setting up

  • Remove the printer and all the packing materials from the around the device and from the box to set it up for the first time. Thereafter, you just have to set the preferences on the control panel, and then connect the power cable.
  • Finally, once the ink cartridges are installed, you just load the paper into the tray.
  • The ink cartridge access door has to be opened to place the cartridges into their slots. After the cartridge path is silent and idle, remove the tapes and orange tab from around the cartridge and place them into their slots one by one. After this, an alignment page might be printed.

Printer Assistant

For printers manufactured since 2009, the HP Printer assistant software program allows you to perform all tasks related to the printer such as ordering supplies, scanning, ink levels’ checking, installation, and more. When you open the HP Printer Assistant in newer Windows software versions, it will open up the ‘Printer Setup & Software’ while older versions will still bring up the settings and tools view.

The software allows users to connect to a new printer and install the latest driver required for the device’s functioning.

Troubleshooting the Printer

There are several free diagnostic tools available online to resolve any issues with the printer. Use ‘HP Print and Scan Doctor’, HP Printer tech support and the HP Toolbox to alleviate all problems pertaining to your device if you are working on Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP.

HP Print and Scan Doctor

The tool resolves all printing and scanning problems by diagnosing the issue. It is free and can be downloaded quickly from HP’s website. Click on the link and download the software to automatically perform several troubleshooting tasks for your printer. Above all, the Doctor tool can fix the ‘Printer Offline’, ‘Print Job Stuck In Queue’ and ‘Cannot Print or Other Printing Problems’. The commands to run the tool are as follows:

  • Download HP Print and Scan Doctor -> Run -> HPPSdr.exe
  • Locate the file on the computer -> click ‘Start’ -> Choose printer -> select ‘Fix Printing’
  • Consequently, follow prompts provided by the software

Support Assistant

HP’s Support Assistant was introduced sometime in 2012. Most often, it is present on the taskbar in the form of a blue-colored question mark. On the ‘Start’ screen in Windows 8, you can access the support assistant through the HP Support Assistant app. At the same time, look for help by simply typing ‘HP Printer support’ on the search bar. Furthermore, the app can troubleshoot a variety of issues such as Fax Errors, Print Job Stuck, Paper Jam Errors, Scan Troubleshooting, Printer Carriage Jams and much more.

The Tool Box

Users who have installed the full feature software, can gain access to the HP Toolbox software. You can open the toolbox as follows:

  • Select the name of your printer in the Windows OS to open the HP Printer Assistant
    1. LaserJet printer -> click Tools -> Advanced Settings
    2. Printer Assistant -> Print and Scan tab -> Maintain your printer
    3. HP Solution Center -> Main Screen -> Tools -> Printer Toolbox