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Simple Steps To Download and Install HP Laserjet Pro M477fdw Driver

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HP LaserJet Pro M477fdw Driver

HP LaserJet Pro M477fdw printer offers you good quality printing results. software and drivers are essential for the setup process. Download the HP LaserJet Pro M477fdw driver using the best and easy methods that are available.

You will be prompted to download the compatible software for your printer during the setup process.

HP LaserJet Pro M477fdw Driver

HP LaserJet Pro M477fdw Driver

Requirements to Download the Driver

  • Installation CD
  • Website to download the software
  • Computer with the operating system compatible to use with your HP LaserJet Pro M477 Printer
  • Good speed Network connection (Wired or wireless)

Steps to Download HP LaserJet Pro M477fdw Driver

Most of the users prefer downloading the software and drivers from the respective websites. The version of the software you use will vary and depend upon system of your Printer. If you do not know how to download the driver, check out the steps below.

  • Visit the respective webpage and navigate to the software and driver download section.
  • Type the name of the printer and the  version of the  operating system in the  search tab
  • The list of software and driver that is compatible will be visible.
  • Disconnect the USB cable and connect it only when prompted during the driver download
  • Choose the right software and tap on the download tab. Carry on with the onscreen instructions to complete the download.
  • Identify the downloaded file from the folder and extract it to the respective folder location.
  • Open the setup file and complete the set up prompts visible on the screen

For users who prefer the installation CD – Try inserting the CD to the computer. Open the setup file and go forward with the onscreen instructions.

If you do not prefer any of the software download methods, there are tools available to find the compatible drivers. The tool will give you an update if the latest software is available.

To Resolve the Software and Driver Download Errors

In the event that you find any issues or errors during the software download, check the software version of the printer is compatible

  • Try restarting the printer and most of the printer errors will be resolved
  • If the software version is outdated, uninstall the existing software and install the updated version
  • Check the speed of the Network connection and make sure that the Network speed is compatible to download the software and driver
  • Make sure you choose the right version of the operating system while you download the driver
  • If you prefer using the installation CD, take out the CD and insert it once again

Choose the best method and download the compatible software for your printer. Read the guidelines available on our webpage to get an idea how to download the drivers. Ring the toll-free lines +1-866-270-3810 to talk to our agents.

DATE: Sep 25, 2018
AUTHOR: Tania Brejo

Setup HP OfficeJet Pro 8710 Scanner on Mac OS – 8710

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HP OfficeJet Pro 8710 Setup Scanner on Mac – 8710

To scan documents and photos into the MAC, you must first accomplish the HP OfficeJet Pro 8710 setup ( 8710) for the scanner on the computer. For this, you can use the HP Easy Scan app, available on the manufacturer’s website. The process is rather simple. Just connect the MAC and printer to the network, and install the relevant driver from HP’s website to complete the scanner setup.

HP OfficeJet Pro 8710 setup - 8710

HP OfficeJet Pro 8710 setup – 8710

Software and drivers

  • Download the HP OfficeJet Pro 8710 driver and launch the software, to setup the connection to the printer, go to the HP website and enter the model number of your printer.
  • Thereafter, the on-screen instructions will advise you with steps to complete the installation
  • Get the HP Easy Scan app from the App Store in English
  • Sometimes, instead of HP Easy Scan the HP Scan software might install; this also depends on the printer’s age and the version of the operating system
  • Then instead of abandoning the process, first complete the installation of the software
  • After that use either the Apple Image Capture or the HP Scan Software
  • In the Mac OS and OS X the Apple Image Capture is a preinstalled app that supports most scan functions
  • For the OS X 10.11 and earlier versions, the HP full feature scanning software is mostly included in the driver package

Scanning on the printer device itself

  • Once you have completed the 8710 scanner software, place the photo or document or the media that you wish to print, face down on the printer’s scanning glass
  • Use the automatic document feeder to scan multiple pages at a single time

Note: If you load photos into the ADF, the pictures could get damaged

  • Try scanning from the printer directly with the help of the touchscreen Scan menu
  • When prompted enter the name of your computer and then the type of the scan job that you wish to accomplish
  • Go back to the computer after the printer has completed the scanning
  • The scanned file is saved to a particular folder. Most often this opens up automatically
  • A file name with ‘Scan’ in it will be present. Just click on it to view the scanned material

Using the MAC to scan

  • On the MAC computer look for ‘Scan’
  • A list of results with the HP Easy Scan software option will be displayed; click it open
  • From the ‘Scanner’ dropdown, choose your printer’s name
  • Click ‘Scan’ after selecting the scan job type in the ‘Presets’ tab
  • On the left panel, select the thumbnail version of the scanned item
  • Straighten the scan, crop the size or adjust the colors with the ‘Edit’ option
  • From the bottom right of the window click on ‘Send’
  • Thereafter, you just have to choose the folder where you want to place the scanned media
  • In the ‘Prefix’ field, confirm a scan file name in the next window
  • Browse to the folder you want to save the file to by clicking on ‘Where’ and then finally, on ‘Save’
  • The HP OfficeJet Pro 8710 setup for scanner also lets you scan multi-page photos and documents in one single PDF file.

DATE: Sep 8, 2018
AUTHOR: Tania Brejo

Download and Install HP OfficeJet Pro 8710 Driver

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Methods to Download the HP OfficeJet Pro 8710 Driver

Software and Drivers are essential to setup any Printer model. To download the compatible software for the printer, there are two methods. The software and driver packages are specially designed for  HP OfficeJet Pro 8710 printer. Choose the best method that suits your requirement and start downloading the compatible software.

The software allows the printer to communicate with the computer. The software depends up on the operating system version of the computer.

HP OfficeJet Pro 8710 Driver

HP OfficeJet Pro 8710 Driver

Common methods to download the software

  • Software download from the HP website
  • Installation using the CD

How to Download HP OfficeJet Pro 8710 Driver from the Website

Use the Driver talent and utility tool to download the Driver for HP OfficeJet Pro 8710 Printer. This tool will help you to download the driver that is compatible to use with the HP OfficeJet Pro 8710 printer.

After you download the tool, visit the Peripheral Drivers Menu. Tap on the Scan button and the tool will scan and check for the compatible version of the software for HP OfficeJet Pro 8710 Printer. The compatible software will be detected automatically.

To Download the Software from the Website

Visit the respective webpage to download the compatible software for the printer. Go to the software and driver download section. Type the name of the printer and the version of the operating system and wait for some time for the search results to appear on the screen.

Choose the compatible version of the software and tap on the download tab. Click on the tab and carry on with the onscreen Instructions to complete the process of the software download.

Installation CD

All you need to do is to insert the CD to the computer. Open the CD and tap on the setup file. Complete the onscreen instructions that are visible on the screen.

To Avoid the Errors Associated with the Software Download

  • To avoid the errors associated with the version of the software, check and make sure that it is the latest version. If  not try updating  the  software and  driver  with the latest one
  • Restart the Printer and the computer once.
  • Ensure that the version of the operating system of the  computer is compatible to use with the Printer
  • Try performing a  quick scan  on your  computer  and most  of the errors will be resolved
  • If you are using any specific tools for the software  installation, check the compatibility of you can also try using a different tool
  • If the  above steps don’t work, try updating the version of operating system of your device

To complete the HP OfficeJet Pro 8710 Driver download and installation, refer the guidelines that are available on our webpage. Ring the toll-free lines +1-866-270-3810 or visit and contact our agents to get more information.

DATE: Sep 6, 2018
AUTHOR: Tania Brejo

Latest HP Printers Driver Download. Easily Update Windows Drivers.

HP Printers Driver Download

Guide for HP Printers Driver Download


HP’s Envy 4500 (series) is considered as one of the most popular printers ever introduced by HP. The 4510 is an upgraded version of the 4500. This AIO (All-in-One) printer is compact and has a modern style just like that of the newer line of printers. It is about the same size as its predecessor, but additionally, has a curved black plastic body design that is absolutely sleek to look at. You can use the LCD screen in front of the printer’s panel to execute the setup process. Make sure you perform the hp printers driver download from HP’s website before you proceed with the rest of your printer installation.

HP Printers driver download

HP Printers driver download


The control panel on the front has a power button on the side and a monochrome LCD screen in the center. With two soft keys to its left, the 2.2-inch LCD screen also comes with a wireless indicator light to its right. The touchscreen is smooth and easy to navigate. The low profile scan bed has a cover with a slightly-curved handle to easily lift the cover.

Benefits of the 4510

The printer capabilities include print, scan, copy, web, and photos. This really cool printer is wireless, easy to use and you can count on it at any time. Whether it is a party, housewarming, or even if you have a garage sale, you print it all out with your HP Envy 4510 printer. The most beautiful thing about this printer is that you do not have to be connected to print out. Of course, you always have the option to stay connected to your computer if you want to. Print out media files from your phone or tablet from the wireless. The colors are vibrant and graphics are high lab-quality prints. It is extremely simple to execute. You just have to connect everything once and thereafter it is a very simple process.

As you are setting up this versatile home printer, you have to download the drivers to ensure that you can take advantage of its full potential.

Driver installation

  • You can install the driver for the HP Envy 4510 with or without the CD. In a scenario where you do not have a CD or driver DVD:
  • Download the driver setup file from the 123 hp com setup website
  • When the file is completely downloaded, go to the location and double-click on it
  • This should automatically run the file and you can install it with the help of the set of instructions provided by the installation wizard.

You should be able to manage all your driver and software downloads with the installation wizard. In the event that you are unable to perform any of the actions or for hp printers driver download, call our experts at 1-866-270-3810 or visit

DATE: Apr 26, 2018
AUTHOR: Danniel