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Replace and Troubleshoot HP LaserJet Pro M281fdw Printhead

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HP LaserJet Pro M281fdw Printhead Issue

Print heads are essential to fill the Inks on your Paper. It is essential to place the printhead and align it to obtain good quality Printouts. Here is how you can replace the HP LaserJet Pro M281fdw Printhead Printhead and troubleshoot it if you come across any Print head Errors.

HP LaserJet Pro M281fdw Printhead

HP LaserJet Pro M281fdw Printhead

How to Replace the Printhead for your HP LaserJet Pro M281fdw Printer

  • Turn on your Printer and complete the required settings. Take out the new Printhead from the package and lift the printhead latch
  • Press and hold the start button to move  the  carriage towards  the left
  • Check if you have a print head already. If you have taken it out of the slot before you install the printhead, remove the protective tapes that surround it.
  • Now insert the new print head to the respective slot and make sure that the color codes match.
  • Do not touch the electrical contacts of the printhead
  • Pull the print head down and insert it firmly and make a note that the label on the printhead must match the label on the printhead latch.
  • Wait for some time to manually align the printheads  go to the setup Icon on your control panel and navigate to the tools section

To Troubleshoot the Printhead Errors

It is must to resolve the Errors associated with the Printer to obtain good quality printouts. The print head error may be due to the improper placement, dust or smears that accumulate over the Printhead and a few more.

  • Wipe the electrical contacts and use a paper or cloth to clean the print heads
  • Reset the Printer once – To reset the HP LaserJet Pro Printer, turn on the printer. Also, disconnect the Printer from the Network connection. Wait for some time and connect all the cables back again
  • Purchase a new print head. Visit the respective webpage and find the  printhead  compatible to use with  your Printer model
  • You can also try servicing the Printer once. Check if your Printer is under warranty period. If so free service will be offered. Go to the respective webpage to check the warranty status  of your Printer
  • Try reseating the print head once
  • Clean the Ink cartridges. Try replacing the existing  Ink cartridge  with a new one and check if the print head errors still persist
  • Update the printer software and firmware

Insert the printhead, troubleshoot the errors and start printing the documents in good quality.

Read the articles and blogs available on our webpage to know how to replace the Printhead for your HP LaserJet Pro Printer. Use the troubleshooting tips available on our webpage to resolve errors while you replace HP LaserJet Pro M281fdw Printhead. Ring the toll-free lines +1-866-270-3810 to know more about the print head placement.

DATE: Sep 27, 2018
AUTHOR: Tania Brejo

Simple Steps To Download and Install HP Laserjet Pro M477fdw Driver

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HP LaserJet Pro M477fdw Driver

HP LaserJet Pro M477fdw printer offers you good quality printing results. software and drivers are essential for the setup process. Download the HP LaserJet Pro M477fdw driver using the best and easy methods that are available.

You will be prompted to download the compatible software for your printer during the setup process.

HP LaserJet Pro M477fdw Driver

HP LaserJet Pro M477fdw Driver

Requirements to Download the Driver

  • Installation CD
  • Website to download the software
  • Computer with the operating system compatible to use with your HP LaserJet Pro M477 Printer
  • Good speed Network connection (Wired or wireless)

Steps to Download HP LaserJet Pro M477fdw Driver

Most of the users prefer downloading the software and drivers from the respective websites. The version of the software you use will vary and depend upon system of your Printer. If you do not know how to download the driver, check out the steps below.

  • Visit the respective webpage and navigate to the software and driver download section.
  • Type the name of the printer and the  version of the  operating system in the  search tab
  • The list of software and driver that is compatible will be visible.
  • Disconnect the USB cable and connect it only when prompted during the driver download
  • Choose the right software and tap on the download tab. Carry on with the onscreen instructions to complete the download.
  • Identify the downloaded file from the folder and extract it to the respective folder location.
  • Open the setup file and complete the set up prompts visible on the screen

For users who prefer the installation CD – Try inserting the CD to the computer. Open the setup file and go forward with the onscreen instructions.

If you do not prefer any of the software download methods, there are tools available to find the compatible drivers. The tool will give you an update if the latest software is available.

To Resolve the Software and Driver Download Errors

In the event that you find any issues or errors during the software download, check the software version of the printer is compatible

  • Try restarting the printer and most of the printer errors will be resolved
  • If the software version is outdated, uninstall the existing software and install the updated version
  • Check the speed of the Network connection and make sure that the Network speed is compatible to download the software and driver
  • Make sure you choose the right version of the operating system while you download the driver
  • If you prefer using the installation CD, take out the CD and insert it once again

Choose the best method and download the compatible software for your printer. Read the guidelines available on our webpage to get an idea how to download the drivers. Ring the toll-free lines +1-866-270-3810 to talk to our agents.

DATE: Sep 25, 2018
AUTHOR: Tania Brejo

How To Resolve HP OfficeJet 4650 Not Printing Error?

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HP OfficeJet 4650 Not Printing Error

Printing errors are common if you use an HP printer. It is easy to resolve the error with the help of the guidelines available. There are lots of reasons for the occurrence of the error. Identify the type of error and resolve it to get excellent printouts.

HP OfficeJet 4650 Not Printing Issue

HP OfficeJet 4650 Not Printing Issue

It is important to resolve these errors to obtain the printouts with excellent speed and quality.

Steps to Resolve HP OfficeJet 4650 Not Printing Error

Paper Jam

Ensure that there is no stuck paper inside the printer. If so remove it first and start the printing process again.

Check the paper placement – Always place the paper in a position to get prints accurately.

Replace the Ink on the cartridge – Try replacing the Ink with a quality HP brand. HP always using its own brand and not any other brand.

Ink level on the Cartridges – The cartridge requires enough amount of Ink. Ink level is low, fill the Ink. Visit our customer support page to find the compatible cartridges that suit your Printer.  Purchase it and replace the existing cartridge.

Check the Position of the Cartridges

  • Take out the cartridge from the slot and align it properly.
  • Check and ensure that there is no dust or smears that accumulate over the surface of the cartridge. Wipe the cartridge with a cloth or paper before you insert it

Establish a Good speed Network connection – Connect your printer to a good speed Network connection. The page will have all the information about the network settings. We suggest printing a test page to check the settings

Try establishing a new internet connection Go to the Network settings. Choose the HP Printer wireless setup wizard ( and carry on with the onscreen instructions that are visible on the screen

Update the Printer Firmware Version

Ensure that the Printer Firmware is not outdated. If it so, update it with the latest version. Refer the respective HP websites for the software updates.

Perform a soft Reset of your Printer – You can try performing the soft Reset of your Printer to resolve most of the Printer errors

Restart the Printer – To restart the Printer, remove all the cables that are connected to the Printer. Disconnect the Printer from the Network and then reconnect the cables back again.

You can also try using the HP printer scan and Doctor Tool and to resolve most of the errors associated with your printer.

Use the troubleshooting tips, resolve the printing errors and start printing your documents in outstanding print quality and speed using HP OfficeJet 4650 Printer.

There are a lot of other troubleshooting tips to resolve HP OfficeJet 4650 not printing error. Choose the best method, resolve the error and start printing your documents in good quality. Dial the toll-free number +1-866-270-3810 to speak to our support team.

DATE: Sep 20, 2018
AUTHOR: Tania Brejo

HP LaserJet Pro M477fdw Troubleshooting Tips for Printer Issues

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Simple HP LaserJet Pro M477fdw Troubleshooting Tips

Considered as the master among printers, the LaserJet Pro M477fdw is a strong and functionally explicit printer that seldom gives users any trouble. But nevertheless, considering devices are but machines, you might have to apply some HP LaserJet Pro M477fdw troubleshooting methods. Perform selective steps, if your printer does not pick up a feed or in contrast picks up multiple papers to print. But before we dwell into that here are some salient features of one of the most feature-packed printers that HP has ever introduced.

Features in Brief

Ideal for continuous business use, the HP LaserJet Pro MFP M477fdw is still compact and comes with a gamut of characteristics. With great output quality and quick printing speeds, it performs well even in stressful high volume printing environments. One of the most powerful attributes of this device is its ability to stay connected to the network. Use new age connectivity options such as Wireless Direct, NFC or Near-Field Communication. The Wi-Fi Direct feature allows you to print from an internet-connected mobile device.

Rare Problems With the M477fdw

Most of the HP LaserJet Pro M477fdw troubleshooting modules are limited to either the printer not picking up paper or the printer just picks up too many of them. Both these errors can be addressed by simply resetting the printer. Yet, if you think restarting has not helped you, here are a few other corrective actions that you can apply.

HP Laserjet Pro M477fdw Troubleshooting

HP Laserjet Pro M477fdw Troubleshooting

Paper Not Being Picked Up

  • If the printer does not feed paper properly, then you must first remove some jams and torn pieces of paper from inside the paper
  • Thereafter, check if you have loaded the appropriate media sizes
  • Finally, verify the control panel settings for the media size

The Paper Guides

  • Additionally, check if the paper guides are appropriately adjusted according to the size of the media that you have loaded
  • If the guides are too tight, it might prevent the paper from feeding through the rollers
  • Align guides according to the indentations and markings present on the tray for the purpose

Humidity and Paper

  • Room humidity should always be within the printer’s recommended standards
  • Paper reams should be stored in moisture-proof packaging so that they stay dry
  • The top of the paper stacks tend to absorb the moisture in high-humidity areas and when you load them they appear uneven
  • These could result in paper jams
  • Flex the stack of paper first
  • Then release individual sheets of paper without inducing static electricity before loading them into the tray

The Rollers

  • Before you get to the rollers, check the printer’s control panel and adjust the displays after you have loaded the paper manually
  • Contaminated rollers above the tray could also lead to potential errors
  • Dampen a lint-free cloth and clean the rollers; if possible use warm distilled water

Note: Spraying water on to the printer directly is not advised. Instead, use a wring the cloth of water before applying the cleaning procedure on to the rollers

  • After placing the rollers back check the Supplies Status Page
  • Since the rollers come with a kit, you might have to replace the Fuser, if it is low

If you need any assistance for troubleshooting HP Envy 4510 printer, call us at +1-866-270-3810 or visit

DATE: Sep 18, 2018
AUTHOR: Tania Brejo