Fix HP Envy 4510 Ink Cartridge Problem

HP Envy 4510 Ink Cartridge Problem

The HP Envy 4510 printer uses the high yield 63 XL cartridges to provide excellent printouts. Setup and installation of the printer are pretty easy with the wizard. You can also download the full feature driver from the HP website. Sometimes you can encounter problems with the ink cartridge. To avoid the HP Envy 4510 ink cartridge problem, you should always make sure that you use original HP products.

HP Envy 4510 Ink

HP Envy 4510 Ink

Just reseat the cartridge

The foremost solution to this issue is to remove the cartridges and then place them back again. This process will also help you take the cartridges out and examine them for any damage before you seat them. If your printer is providing you with poor printouts or the output is a blank page then it is highly likely that you have a blocked cartridge. Here are some ways you can clean the HP Envy 4510 ink cartridges.

Note: You must also ensure that the cartridges that you are currently using are compatible.

Blocked cartridges

The latest HP Envy printers come with the print head inbuilt into the cartridges. Hence, you can use the following cleaning method. The ink cartridge comprises of the ink, heater and the nozzle which has a diameter of about 45 microns. It is so tiny that it is estimated to be half the width of human hair. Ink is trapped into the nozzles when the cartridge gets empty. At this stage, the ink is exposed to air both from the inside and the outside. A slug of solid material is formed when the ink gets dry and blocks the nozzles. That is why you see that the paper is either banding or not printing at all.

Cleaning ink cartridges

  • Remove the following first
    • The printer cartridges
    • Printer’s power cord
  • For the next step you can use a clean soft, lint-free cloth material dipped in isopropyl alcohol
  • Reach inside the printer carriage and clean out the electrical contacts; then clean the circuit strip on the cartridges
  • Run the enclosed print cleaning head utility; sometimes you have three levels of cleaning
  1. Cleaning
  2. Deep Cleaning
  3. System Cleaning.
  4. Other additional cleaning utilities are Bottom Plate Cleaning and Roller Cleaning.
  • Turn the cartridge around to the bottom and locate the space from where the ink is jetted out of the cartridge. If there is any dried or crusted ink, clean it away gently. Dip a clean cloth in distilled water Use a clean cloth dipped in distilled water.

Replacing ink cartridges

In another scenario, the HP Envy 4510 ink in the cartridges is empty and you just have to replace them. First, you have to switch on the printer by pressing the power button and then slide the input tray out. Stack some paper into the tray and slide it close.

  • Locate the cutouts on the side of the printer, hold them and pull open the cartridge access door
  • The carriage will move into a particular position
  • Once it has stopped, take out the cartridge that you want to replace
  • Remove the new cartridge out of its packaging
  • Pull the protective tab and remove the tape from over the circuits
  • Now, insert it into the slot

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DATE: Jul 5, 2018
AUTHOR: Tania Brejo
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