HP Printer App Wireless Connection On Mac

HP Printer App Wireless Setup

Having a Mac book and wondering how to connect your printer to it? Then you are in the right place. We have tried to simplify the setup steps so that you will be able to do it all by yourselves. Before proceeding to the HP printer app wireless setup, make sure your printer, router, and your computer are all switched on. Make a note of the name of your network along with its password. Another requirement is that the printer, router, and the computer should be connected to the same WI-FI.

HP Printer App Wireless

HP Printer App Wireless

Things you must know

When you are doing a wireless setup, it is very important that you remove all other cables like the Ethernet and the USB cables. But of course, you will still be needing your printer’s power cable to connect it to a power source. If you already tried connecting to some other wireless network or the same network, it would be wiser to reset the wireless settings.

The power indicator light will tell you when the printer is back; else your printer is in sleep mode. Make sure that the wireless light on your printer is also blinking. If not, press and hold the wireless and the cancel buttons simultaneously for 3 secs. Your printer now needs to be installed with the printer software and the necessary drivers.

The wireless printing apps

Open the HP Easy Start software and select the Set up my Printer option and then accept to the terms and conditions mentioned therein. You will then be directed to the connect screen where your printer’s details will be listed. If you do not find your printer listed on this page then retry connecting once again.

You have the option of renaming your printer once you are connected to it. Enter your network’s password either manually or automatically for a keychain request prompt. Now you can follow the instructions (PC/laptop) to complete the setup. There is additional software that you can choose to install like the HP Essential Software and HP Easy Scan. You will have to do the setup procedure once again in case you happen to change your network’s password sometime in between.

If you are stuck in the middle of this setup process or you don’t want to risk it doing by yourselves, then we are here to get you through this process in a breeze. Call us anytime at our toll-free number +1-866-270-3810 or https://www.123-hp-com-envy4510.com/ visit for any queries related to your printers.

DATE: Jun 20, 2018
AUTHOR: Danniel
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